Sunday, May 21, 2006

Saturday at the Beach

Exactly one week and a year later, we reconvened in the same spot on San Onofre Beach. Nick, Strat, Francesca, Arnold, Jackie, Steve, Orla, Baby Cleo, Josh, Judy, Chelle and I enjoyed a beautiful day of surfing, sun bathing, and grilling.

The weather was the best we have had for some time now. In SoCal there is a phase known as June Gloom. It seems like it has started early this year. It consists of cold overcast days until about two or three when it burns off and the sun begins to shine. This day however, the sun shined brightly the entire day.

Steve played the guitar and Cleo danced and clapped for us.

Another one of our video diaries.

Nick grilled up some great burgers and dogs for us. Although I did find him sitting down on the job.

The Happy Crowes.

Another beautiful California adventure for us. We continue to praise God that we are able to be out here and enjoy our first years of marriage so much.

We are very blessed.

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