Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Thursday night and the Gang's all here!!!!We were greeted at BNA by a wonderful blonde Barbie I lovingly call my "Cliffy" Ford. So good to be back, kickin' it in the ghetto with Donna, Steve, Jamessa, Jono, and John and KC. There truly is nothing better in this world than to be surrounded by friends that love you!

We spent the first night at the home of Steve and Donna Ford and enjoyed each others company while dining on Steve's fantastic steaks and grilled veggies - he is SUCH a great chef! The evening progressed to an old hang in East Nashville, the Alley Cat where we imbibed some local brew and continued to laugh. I am SO impressed that the Nickolai's made it out WAY past their bed time. Also, thanks so much again for graciously picking up the tab, John N - you are far too kind. If only Donna and I would have had that much sense. We never intend on blowing it out the first night - we just always do. HA! Oh - well, I have been told more than once, you can sleep when you're dead. So made it a long haul and I would do it all over again if given the chance! We love you all and are so happy to be with you!
Here are 3 little angels! Savannah Grace (5 yrs), Zoe Catherine (2 yrs) and my baby, Christian (a bit older than them) :)
These girls have grown so much. It brings tears to my eyes to see little Zoe running about and chatting away, entertaining us with her antics whilst her big sis, "nanna" plays like a grown-up and helps to show Zoozoo the ropes. These 2 are Chrishy's babes - they absolutely love him (of course, I can see why!) We both enjoy sharing them as if they are partly ours......and if we could breed a few like them we will be very blessed indeed!
How cute are they!!!!! Meet the Nickolai's - John and KC. Never has there been two sweeter, kinder, more generous people than them! We have been honored to camp out at their estate, play with thier 3 furry kids - Lucky, Alpine, and Ginger beast on many occasions, and partake in several margharitas on the deck made in heaven! Thanks John and KC for being SO wonderful.

Tada!!!!! Presenting Miss Jamye Lynn and Mr. Jono Oneal. This is the reason for our celebration! Jamye is too hot to be "30"!!! Christian and I have enjoyed so many wonderful memories with them and always look forward to creating more! I don't think that anyone can get too old for cards, MLite, Hat parties, sleep-overs, and spanking each other for no reason at all. God Bless the Oneals - I cannot imagine life without them! Happy Birthday Jamessa - you beautiful thing. SSSMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!

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JamyeO said...

We love, love, LOVE you guys.
Thanks again, SO MUCH, for coming back to visit and being a part of my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!
I kiss you both!