Thursday, March 23, 2006

Greg Shockro's Birthday

Saturday the 18th Chelle and I went down to celebrate Greg's birthday. He is joining me in the world of the 36 year olds. First we met some great new friends at Chive for dinner in the Gas Light section. It was great!
Heres Megan and I looking chipper before we stuff ourselves on dinner.

From left to right around the table is Tracy, Chelle, Megan, Chad, Greg, Me, and Chris.

After dinner we went about 6 blocks away to the House of Blues and saw Toots Mayhall perform. It was a great show, but they made us check our camera so unfortunately no photos of the show. Afterwards we cab'd it back to Del Mar, but not before we rehydrated with several bottles of water.

The birthday couple. We'll let Megan feel special although it really is only Greg's birthday. Lucky for her he is so generous. Chelle and I love Greg and Megan. They are the coolest! (at least that what they told us to say)

I thought this might be the first March Madness basketball game that the girls would want to watch. Look its the Brad Pitt game. Brads beating his last name by 7 points in this shot.

All in all a great time with our friends.

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