Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday already and off to the pool. TOO MANY TOURISTS TAKING OUR SPOTS! 4 big ships in port and we were not early birds – therefore missed out on poolside chairs. Oh well, I think our bottoms could use a rest from the cool pool tiles – maybe some exercise………..maybe notJ

The ships are truly impressive. We admired them from ashore and bubbled enthusiastically about our up coming cruise in January. Certainly we will have re-couped from this vacation by the time we need to Cruise. Yippee!!!!!!

Ships A-Hoy! We couldn’t resist. The Pirate’s Life for us tonight. How fun.
The ship leaves the dock at 6 sharp with a full crew of mates with smiling faces. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and several laughs. The show was cute- very impressive to watch them dance on the deck of a rocking ship. Dinner of filet and shrimp and several margaritas. Another festive night – didn’t realize that things could ever really be this great – EVERYNIGHT!!!!!!

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