Monday, October 24, 2005

Lunde arrives are we are ready to party. Early morning rise to meet Hector to take us to our boat for a day cruise. Luna de Meil disembarks at 10 am sharp and we weren’t even late.

Breaky treats of fruit juice, and shortbread cakes then onto the good stuff – Mai Tais and floating at sea.

First stop was at the tres rocks for snorkeling. Really gloomy water and huffing the boat gas made for not the greatest experience --- but we at least we tried it anyway.

2nd stop at Los Animas for cheeseburger lunch and rest on white sandy beach.

Headed farther south for the trek on horseback to the romantic site of the hidden waterfall. This was really amazing! A very good investment to get those horsey tickets……incredible inclines and muddy ravines are much better handled by horses than Honeymooners in flip flops – that is for certain. This trek took nearly 45 minutes each way through the jungle where the indigenous live among the iquanas and chickens in very ancient ways. Their huts are equipped with modern stoves, yet no walls, or running water and truly littered surroundings. Very sad lives within very lush and lovely nature.

Dance party de Miel hosted by Miguel featuring many cervesas and lots of laughs. Arrived happy and tipsy and giggled the entire block home safe and sound to 136 for room service and pj party of our own. Sweet dreams.

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