Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!! Gracias Puerto Vallarta for making our first year commence in a most romantic and marvelous setting.

We began our adventure in typical Crowe fashion waking early to depart to the airport LAX for what should have been an early 7:20 flight for Mexico. Leave it to Chelle to forget a few details. Birth certificates are necessary to leave the country ---- not just re-enter. So, with the helpful and patience hands of a loving husband, we headed to a different gate to attain an Affidavit so we could continue our plans for our trip. This wasn’t too difficult a task and soon we were back in place for a rather long wait to get on a plane to Puerto Vallarta with fingers crossed.

Finally, we did get a stand by seat to Guadalajara and arrived safely in Puerto Vallarta about 9:30 on Friday evening. After a short cab ride we were delivered to our new home for the week ---- NH Krystal International Resort. It was beautiful!
Not outside of character, we did have a few glitches to deal with upon check-in, but through the example of my husband, I remained calm and before we knew it, we were unpacking the “too many” bags in our luxurious suits. There were 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, living room, sitting room and king size bed to make for 1 very comfortable stay!!

Our HUGE balconies overlooked lush green grounds with winding brick pathways and ceramic pools. We could hear the ocean waves crashing to shore to wish us anniversary congrats. We feel so blessed and so in love. Our adventure continues!After a romantic dinner for 2 at the hotels Sushi bar (I know, very Mexican haha) we retired to our casa for a well needed siesta.

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