Monday, May 14, 2007


It's been awhile since we have posted any photos on LaCrowe, so I am posting a few just to ease back into the swing of things. (pun intended)

Poppa Shaffer and the short but lovable Chelle on her swing.

While Chelle was in the hospital her dad hung her favorite porch swing. I gave Chelle this swing for her birthday two years ago when we were living in Nashville. She has wanted to enjoy it in every place we have lived since then, but there has never been any place to hang it. Butch, being the genius he is figured out a way to mount the swing so it is sturdy and will cause no harm to our wonderful landlords home.

Crockett is getting so big. Here we see him demonstrate how he can be a good boy.

Here comes Clementine to join in the fun on the patio.

This is the little hang out where we will be spending a lot of time this summer.

This was another little surprise that the folks put together for Chelle to enjoy when she returned from the hospital. We hope that all of our friends and family can come enjoy the wonderful California weather with us. We will make margaritas during the day or enjoy a nice glass of Shiraz in the evening. Come spend time with us. We'd love to see you.