Sunday, May 06, 2007

New Domain

To make it easier to access this site I've gone ahead and added to my list of domains. Now all you have to type is to get here. I figure the few seconds you save not having to type "" will add up over the years and allow you extra time to take a vacation somewhere around the time you retire.

The other domains that are in my possession thanks to are: (my website) (my geeky blog) (someday we will use this for our dog clothes line)

Enjoy the extra time! :-)

Much love from Christian and Chelle Crowe.


Barb said...

O.K. baby. Mommie likes what you are doing because I need to save time so I can help make dog clothes to sell and make big money for all of us :-) We sure love all of you in Cerritos. luvluv

Sister Sivje said...

Yeah. I like it too. I am thinking all that time will end up getting us a vacation in the L.A. area! Yup!

cstx78 said...

hey guys...just want you to know that you both are in luke and my thoughts and prayers...we love you both!