Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We're Expecting!!!!

It's true! We've now had the opportunity to tell most of our friends and family, but if you are reading this and finding out for the first time please forgive us for not waiting until we've seen you in person. I couldn't wait any longer. I'm crazy excited!!!!

Chelle with her pre-natal vitamins prescription just moments after we learned of the news.

Here is the very first picture of our baby. It's insanely difficult to understand these images, but apparently we were able to see the heartbeat this morning and the little white dot in the dark bubble in the white area is our first child. The doctor says that our next ultrasound will show a lot more and I hope so 'cause I don't understand what I'm looking at at all, but I am very in love and proud of it. :-)

Mother and Child

Proud Father

We've been told that this date can change in the next few visits, but as for now, our due date is July 1st. We will definitely be updating the blog with the details of our birth for all of you who we love and those we only tolerate (just kidding).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Josh just sent me that link.... That is absolutely wonderful news! Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!!!!


Josh said...

I second that emotion

Grandmom Conway said...

I am so excited for you and the baby looks exactly like Bean did at that age. Its going to be a real gem. Congratulations!