Thursday, October 05, 2006

Visit to the Reagan Library

My father is a Reagan fan. To date he has read 65 books on the man and his presidency. This was dad's third time to the library, still that didn't quench his enthusiasm for sharing it with us.

The highlight of the library has to be the Air Force One on display. Tail number 2700 had served 8 presidents, but the Reagan library was given the pleasure of displaying it.

It is much smaller inside then one would think. Really doesn't feel as big as some of the tour busses on our roads today. However, it is real amazing to be inside the jet that carried 8 presidents and to think that some major world decisions were made in it.

There was also the presidential limo, some secret services vehicles and a version of Marine One on display.

Neither Chelle nor I are big into politics, but you couldn't help be impressed by the life the man lead and even more so with the love that he and Nancy seemed to share.

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