Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Our New Home!

Introducing the Portofino. Chelle and I just made the final arrangements to move into a condo on Naples island in Long Beach, CA. Since doing more work with the sales teams in the Long Beach office, I've decided to move my office to that building and subsequently we've chosen to live closer as well. This new place is 3.5 miles away, so I will able to scoot to work on the Vespa. No more I405 for me!
We will be on the first floor with apartments, although it is really the second floor of the building. This picture shows our patio. We are in #201. It's on the Southwest corner of the building.

I don't have many good photos of the interior, but we will post photos once we move in and decorate. This is my baby in the kitchen.

View of the Harbor from the West corner patio. It's not a lot of water in the view, but it's water.
Here is the view to the West. You can't officially see the ocean, but there are sailboat's mast, palm trees and a red parachute from someone kitesurfing.

Although it's not pretty as seen here, we are very excited about how huge this patio is. We already spend a good amount of time on our patios at the Brentwood place, and now we have big plans for this one.
Ahhh! The pool! A step up from our last apartment, this pool is heated year round and has a very nice view of the harbor and harbor beach. The pool at our old place went into shadows after three o'clock, this one will stay sunny until the sun goes down.

This is what you see from the windows of the pool, and I believe they open up. Chelle and I look forward to spending a lot of time on the beach across the way this summer.
Here is the satelite image of it. LINK

We will post more photos once we move in.


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JamyeO said...

It looks awesome, guys.
Can't wait to visit.