Thursday, April 13, 2006

Josh and Judy's Wedding

The Suits

Well look here at these handsome men!
I proudly claim the tall gent on the left, Christian. In the middle, is Nick, the musician Extrodinare and dear friend to Josh and Jude....and of course - Josh - the most debonaire Groom this side of the Mississippi!!!!!

Shucks - aren't we just too cute :)

Josh and Judy

As we happily gathered at 1 pm on the 9th of April, 2006, this pristine day brought together not only a gorgeous bride and groom, but new friends and family represented from Coast to Coast. Although the sun was shining brightly in the arid desert of Las Vegas, Nevada, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd as the two souls in love wed in matrimony.
The waterfalls and palm trees surrounding this grassy getaway on the strip also blessed two hearts to be joined in bliss.

The Kiss
Sealing the Ceremony as tradition has it, the dark and handsome "surfer dude" gets his beatiful blonde Bride ~ as though it were a fairytale, Josh and Judy no longer Toad and just happily ever after HAHA!

Throughout the ages there have been so many customs at weddings: the white dress, the rings, the bridesmaid and groomsmen, the flowers, the toasts, the ever longed for pronouncement of husband and wife, and the sealing with a kiss. In Jewish ceremonies, the fantastic celebration after the ceremony is also kicked off with the stomping off a glass.
May there be no hearts broken and no crying over spilled milk (or wine :) ~ In hopes of dreams to come true and a future of love ! Mazeltoff!

The Conways
The moment we have all been waiting for.........tada~~~
Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Judy Conway! Luck, Love, and Lots of adventure in Life be the fortune for you both. Thank you for including Christian and I in the truly wonderful event. We treasure being a part of this very memorable day and so many more to come!!

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