Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning tour of the grounds

It was a long day of travel yesterday but I made it. I'm in Honolulu til Thursday for work.

Went to find a Starbucks this morning and grabbed some photos. Probably won't get to enjoy much of the facility and even if I am able to, it won't be much fun without Bella and the baby.

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Barb said...

gee whiz. Hope the breakfast was good.
Thanks for the pics for us to enjoy. Certainly understand that it would be so much greater if your wonderful girls were with you.

Christian Crowe said...

The breakfast wasn't worth half of that. Yesterday's intake of food was a bad salad on the plane and then chicken wings at the airport. So this morning, I was starving. I didn't think I would break down and do it, but I had to eat. Didn't know it would be that expensive. I was shocked. My daily per diem is $42. I've got like $9 left for dinner.

Christian Crowe said...

baby 0mG- was there really penguins at your hotel!!! awesome! please take more photos when you can. we 4 love you muchograndeburrito

Goosegirl said...

Christian, it looks awful. I hope you are not suffering too much....just really sad how they are making you stay in the slums like that.