Saturday, June 06, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Crowe came for a visit

Happy 45th Anniversary J and B Crowe - many many more!!
"Mommy, I think it's time for a haircut"
"I'm ready for my 'big girl' food"
"Thank you Gramma"
 "Awww much an organic carrot facial"

 "Easter" our house, bunny keeps a watchful eye....

Grandpa get's a turn
 Ready for more....

Cherish and Daddy
Daddy's Girl

Posing like Jane of the Jungle with my haircut and wearing nuttin' but a smile...
Momma's Little blue Buddah


Barb said...

Thank you Thank you for the new pics of our baby. I love the captions under the pics. The carrot facial is great and remember I had carrots all over me also!! Kisses to our wonderful baby girl!!

Barb said...

just had to look at all the pics of our baby girl again. I keep looking for all the new pics that you have and have not put on the blog. This is a grammie speaking-do you hear me:)???