Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Mumma's Visit the Desert
Andy and Kimmy Mumma paid us a visit last weekend.  It was a blast to show them around in hopes that they will be able to move out here so we can be close again.
Old Town Scottsdale was the site of Andy's attempt to ride the pig.
Kimmy was more comfortable with the foxes.
Andy, Kimmy, Chelle & Cherish
Brunch at Vincents for the second week in a row. We love it here.
*A very special thanks to our friend JoAnn for giving us the VIP treatment. 
C C loves Vincent's too.
After holding Cherish, Kimmy promised they would come back.
My two favorite girls getting a little sun.
When Cherish is hungry everybody gets a chance to feed her.
Andy's first time holding a baby. He did great!
Even Andy fed Cherish, but only under Crockett's close supervision.
Auntie Kimmy Jane rockin Cherish to sleep.
Long day for C C.
Thank you Andy & Kimmy, come back soon.

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