Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pre-Superbowl Nap

She wanted to have plenty of energy to cheer on the Cardinals so she
took a little cuddle time.


Barb said...

I really think she doesn't give a rip about the game. She is getting her beauty rest. Sure love that little precious.

Sharon said...

Keep posting pictures! It's so much fun to watch her change and grow:) She's so BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to meet her some day:)

Give Chelle an ENORMOUS hug for me and Adrian. Give one to yourself too, while you're at it!


Goosegirl said...

Oh my!!! This little precious is soooo teeny next to that enormous boppy! She fits perfectly in the hole! Oh, Auntie Sivje wants to kiss her soooooo much!!!

Indi said...

oh my goodness gracious! this picture is just too precious for words!! i want to hold my baby cousin!

Grammie said...

Christian: This baby is just absolutely beautiful! Congratulations a million times over. What a sweet bundle. When can you meet up with Patrick and introduce your kids to each other?
from Patricks mom