Saturday, January 03, 2009

On daddy's lap

My amazing wife is getting some well deserved rest. Cherish and I are
having a talk about third generation cellular technologies and the
different paths to 4G. Her lack of age is showing, she thinks Wi-Max
still has a chance. Like any good father I'm teaching her about HSPA+
and LTE.


JamyeO said...

She's starting to resemble Steve Jobs here...Christian, be careful!

Patrick McCallum said...

Ha! Awesome.

Barb said...

She knows exactly what her father is teaching her!!! Don't you know that the children always know more than the parents. From very happy and proud grandparents!!!

Betty J Shaffer said...

She looks "smug"...maybe she knows something Daddy doesn't! She is the most (can't think of a big enough adjective here)...magniwonderperfexceptional-ist baby I've ever seen. Nonna

Barb said...

I think Cherish's Nonna created the perfect word for our precious girl. She is all of that and more.