Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Post From the New Place

The proud new home owners

Chelle and brother Eric

Taking the Ferry boat over the lake to the California side

Boating through the canal

Butch and Eric on the boat

Adorable wife Bella on the boat

Just an awesome mullet that had to be shared with all

Brought from the UK brick by brick.

Chelle and dad

A look at all the boats in the river

Check out the cool convertible van.

Lake Havasu City viewed from the California side of the lake

Betty and Clementine sun bathing by the pool while Crockett waits to play catch

Butch and Eric enjoying the sun.


Barb said...

Yea! What total fun in the sun. If we were there we would be in the other lawn stairs soaking up the sun. Even the yellow rubber duckie is poised for the picture with Butch and Eric by the pool. So happy for you. Love from Mommie

Sharon said...

I want to be there, too. It's BEAUTIFUL! Too much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures but where are Jackie and Judy?

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