Friday, July 06, 2007

Impromptu Sunday Evening in Laguna Beach

Last Sunday Chelle and I were lazying (that's right, it's a new word) around the house when we got a phone call from Mike and Angela. They were headed down to Laguna Beach to hang out and get dinner. We jumped in the car and headed down to meet them. We ate dinner at Las Brisas under the stars, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was so fun.

Wouldn't they make a good picture if they ever get married.

Chelle and I

Angela and Linney

We've been here for over two years and we still feel like we are on vacation.


Barb said...

Lovies, Thank you for the great new pics. Fun, fun with your friends. Love from your parents.

Tammi said...

Chelle, you are so beautiful. Thanks for the new pics my computer savvy pal Chris! Love you both, TamTam......