Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kevin Parker's 40th Birthday Party

Christian and Kevin

Saturday night February 24th we celebrated Kevin Parker's 40th birthday party. It had an 80's theme, but of course Chelle and I along with Kevin and his wife Loree are the only ones that dressed up. Oh well, that didn't bother us. We had a blast!

Kevin and Chelle

We met for dinner at The Crab Pot which is right around the corner from our house in the harbor. It is a fun place to eat. Several of us ordered crab. They bring the crab out to you and just dump it on the table for you to consume sans plate. There were 12 of us for dinner.

Tera, Loree, and Brandi

Johnny and Robin (standing), Holly and Jerry (sitting)

Sammy and I with the ladies

After dinner we headed over to Sachi for dancing and to see the Spasmatics (80's cover band).
Sam, Shadi, Anthony and Jennifer all joined up with us there for the continuation of the party.

Anthony, Gabe, Sam, Kevin and me

Judy, Tera, Loree and Shadi

Chelle and I all decked out in 80's attire

The Birthday couple.

We all had a great time, and I am so very happy to still be such great friends with all my old Sprint co-workers.

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JamyeO said...

You guys are Rockin' like Dokken!
Kickin' like Van Dam!