Sunday, February 12, 2006

And the Grammy goes to..... Audio Adrenaline.

After seeing Garin, Sandra and the boys off we immediately met up with Brian and Kim Whitman. (I apologize for not getting any photos of the two of them together.)

Last year at this time we had All Star United bass player Adrian Walther and his wife Sharon stay over while they attended the Grammys. This year it's All Star guitar player Brian. Adrian had played for nominee Sara Kelly. Brian has been playing guitar with Audio Adrenaline for about the last year and a half. I'm very happy for Audio A to win. I love those guys. In fact when I first visited Nashville after Versus won our recording contract with StarSong records, the guys from Audio A were some of the first musicians I met there.

I believe it's a bit of "poetic justice" now that both Adrian and Brian have had the opportunity to attend the Grammys. In 1998 All Star United was nominated and attended the awards show. At that time however, Gary Miller and Dave Clo were filling the bass and guitar roles. It's nice now that all of ASU has been Grammy attendies. Maybe someday All Star United will be able to go again. You never know, there is a new record on the way.

Stay tuned......

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