Monday, January 30, 2006

Grand Re-Opening of the Getty Villa

Our thoughtful neighbor Ari had requested tickets the very first day they were available back in November, which got us in to the Getty Villa on the very first day it was re-opened. I understand that if you go on the site now to request tickets the soonest you can get in is August. Anyway, thanks Ari! You're the man!
So on Saturday Chelle and I went to visit the Getty Villa. Originally the site of the Getty Museum, it was too small to display all the works that John Paul Getty had amased. It was closed down once the new location (just norht of Sunset on the i405) was opened. During that time it has undergone some major renovations. It is awesome. I'm not a huge art conasure, but I sure do enjoy impressive architecture, and this definitely has both.

Heres my bride looking at the map of what we are about to see.

This me in front of the cool pool and you really can't tell, but that is our pacific ocean in the background. Also, not visible is the actual residence of JP Getty just down the hil and to the left.

I thought this was so cool. I think it looks like half of the Escher painting.

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