Sunday, November 27, 2005

A very cool view of one of my favorite cities in the U.S. This was taken on the top floor of the US Bank building where met with Bob and Chelsea.

It hasn't changed much since I moved out of this house in 1987. This is where I spent my life from around the age of 3 until 17. It was a wierd feeling seeing again. It's amazing how the feelings and memories come rushing to your brain when you see something so familiar to you that you haven't seen in person in a long time.

A special treat. I had told Chelle how much I was hoping to see my good friend Tom Tuetsch, and as we were leaving the hotel, who should I almost step on on the way to the car!?! That's right! Tom Tuetsch. He was walking in to see the Christmas bazarre with his wife, son, and mother-in-law as we were walking out. It was a very cool couple of minutes.

We had such a great time with Eric and Margo. They are great friends.

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